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Hi! Thanks for visiting. Here’s a brief background on myself and up top you’ll find some examples of projects I’m working on. If you are interested in anything I’m working on, please feel free to reach out!

Both my parents love to travel and ended up meeting overseas, which is probably where my love for travel stems from. They moved to California, where I was born, and after a couple of years we moved to Namibia and Malawi. We lived in southern Africa for several years and I spent a good part of my childhood playing cricket, sledding down sand dunes, and having friends from all over the world. We returned to the US to settle down in Lexington, MA.

After Lexington High School, I went to Union College for Mechanical Engineering to feed my curiosity for how things work and develop my problem-solving skills further.

Upon graduating from Union, I joined GE Power’s Edison Engineering Leadership Program and completed my MS in Mech Eng. at Georgia Tech.

I’ve been fortunate to cut my teeth at GE, gaining invaluable experiences, training, and opportunities.

Working for the Repair Technology organization has been an engineer’s dream… hands-on and fast paced, working on the most advanced materials and technologies in the industry, and teaming up with experts and teams from around the world.

The RT organization acts as a mini incubator within GE, which helped me further develop and hone my entrepreneurial passion. I’ve enjoyed identifying, developing, and launching technology solutions to solve some of GE’s biggest service problems, leading cross-functional, cross-cultural teams, and managing multi-million dollar projects.

A favorite career opportunity took me to Qinhuangdao, China for a year to lead the development of a repair service center. The assignment was one of the most challenging tasks I’ve done on both personal and professional levels, but also one of the most rewarding. The experience got me far out of my comfort zone, where I believe you grow the most, and immersed me in the dynamic Chinese culture. I was even able to pick up enough Chinese to backpack around for two weeks and make more than a few strangers laugh.

The experience solidified my interests in working to solve important, complex problems, and to lead, teach, and work with cross-functional, cross-cultural teams.

With a strong foundation, I’m pursuing my passions. You can find me investing my time, energy, and future in green solutions to leave this world a better place than when I came into it.

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